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Corporate Wear Shop

The Corporate wear shop is for companiess with focus on branding and profiling logo.
With the Corporate wear shop, the quality and placement of the logo is ensured, as well as a structured ordering procedure. The individual person is responsible for the order, including the size.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is a great opportunity when you want easy, visual and structured procedures for gifts and anniversaries. The employees choose their own gift. A real win win situation. Shipping and invoice directly to the company.

Collection Shop

A solution where the goal is to collect purchases from several departments or several companies before final order. This solution ensures a strong visual control and significantly better prices for orders / purchases.
Choose the solution when you want to save time on coordination and heavy procedures. With a Collection shop, it is easy to collect orders for profile clothes employee and ensure the same branding on all items.

Merchandise Shop

The Merchandise shop is for companies who wants an overview of merchandise and wants to ensure that everyone uses the same selection. A visually strong solution that provides overview, easy handling and inventory control. Your own shop solution with a fixed product range, that departments across the company can order from.
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